Wednesday, July 9

Rag Rugs and BBQ

Time to start making some rugs!
My soap is selling out faster than I can get it cured, and my batch of blackberry turned out SO ugly that I'm giving it away with any purchase of a normal bar.
The ugly blackberry really put me behind so I'll pick up the Etsy store slack with a rug or two.

This is the rug I'll start today...

I use an 11.5 hook and 1/2 inch strips that I rip in bunches as I go.
I've tried ripping and balling, but it makes it a pain to join so I just rip a few join a few.

This is the hook.

And this is the finished product...

Wendy and her Babydaddy and their kid are coming to dinner tonight.
I have a pork roast in the crock-pot for pulled pork sandwiches and I just put together a poppy seed slaw and I have a blueberry cobbler in the oven and mango-peach soap in the mold.
Between the bbq, soap scents and slaw, my kitchen smells kind of like I think heaven smells.

K I have to go.
Here is a gratuitous instagram picture of the baby and his daddy
Courtesy of @woodhunter11


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  1. Marilyn you are so funny! And I'm sitting here at a boring symphony band in the park right now, and thanks to you I'm thinking about the black raspberries I could be picking! I love the rag rug. I have a bunch of old sheets, maybe I'll try to make one.
    Love the baby/daddy picture.

    Cindy Bee