Friday, July 11

Back To School

Do you want to know what makes me mad?
This is what makes me mad.

Actually, it makes me CRAZY!

Mi hijo and I went to the big everything under one roof store in town last night because we are getting ready to enter the "Hot Zone" this week with temperatures forcasted in the high 90's low triple digits so we decided to go get ourselves a wading pool for the deck.
Do you think there was a pool to be found? 
Sunscreen, short shorts or sandals?
Nope, nope and nope.
Sweaters, scarves and school supplies!
At the risk of sounding like a middle aged woman who complains about everything, I can't even believe this bs.
Remember the days when school supplies went on sale at the end of August and you looked forward to the trip to Sears and Penneys for your clothes and the smell of your new school shoes from Thom McAn that you couldn't wait to wear?
Remember going to the drug store for your #2 pencils and Pink Pearl Erasers?
Well forget all that.
Now we schlep through the white trash warehouse in July to pick up those last minute twelve boxes of Kleenex for the classroom along with .19 cent spiral notebooks and backpacks made across the ocean by children that aren't even old enough to babysit.

I guess I need to pull myself together or I'm going to miss the blowout sale on twinkle lights and Rudolph inflatables for the front yard.

If you'll excuse me now, I have to go unpack and quickly put away our secondary less commercial labor Day and Thanksgiving holiday decor that we will be overlooking this year in favor of the more important mass market pleasing family holiday.
Black Friday.


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