Monday, June 23

Not That Fat Bottom Farm

On Saturday the blog got over three thousand hits and my Etsy store almost completely sold out.
I couldn't understand what the big sudden draw was especially since I didn't even have a new post that day.
It didn't take long to figure out that Dirty Jobs had re-aired their visit to The Fat Bottom Farm in Texas.
The Texas Fat Bottoms have goats, lot's of goats and they make goats milk soap and other goat products.
I would post a link to their farm as I usually try to do whenever we are mistaken for one another, but sadly there is nowhere to link to.

If you have been with the blog since I started it, you will remember that it was originally The Trailerparks Farm

But then Mr Parks was exiled.

And I didn't want the farm to carry his name.

So, the farm and garden portion of the farm was renamed The Fat Bottom Farm.
For two reasons.

1. the size of my ass. 
2. The size of my asses asses.


I also happen to have a big ass pig and a big ass dog

Pooter is our thirty-two pound Shih-Tzu.
He's the one on the left, and Pearl is probably twice that size now.

Anyway, I couldn't very well call the farm the fat ass farm because that's just, well, you know, not too classy.
So after much research and name availability I decided on... 
The Fat Bottom Farm.

And that's when it happened.
Dirty Jobs promo'd the Texas Fat Bottom Farm.

So, just to be clear, we are not the famous Fat Bottom goat farm, we are the not famous Fat Bottom dysfunctional, sheep, donkey, geese, chicken, peacock, pig and dog farm

BTW, I went with blackberry when I made my soap and it should be ready to cut later today.
Smells deelish and is made with homemade blackberries.



  1. You could call this the "Whatever pops into my brain today" farm/blog and I would still love it!

  2. That was big news #1, but, moving on it's looks as though your Etsy shop has gone crazy successful-- that's So awesome!!!!
    Put FBF on my blogroll - cool?