Thursday, June 26


We're lambing!
Belle was first to go and had twins, Juanita and Hermano...

Wendy and Juanita

Then Jesse with a little ram lamb, Juan Pablo (The Bachelor)
She surprised me with a baby in the bushes, but they're both safe and sound in the barn now.

I have three more ewes I'm watching so that means endless trips to the barn all the while crossing my fingers and hoping for more twins.
The barn is to far in decline to lamb again next year, so I'm banding all the little rams.
I'll pick up some used sheep now and again just because I have so much pasture I need to keep down and don't tell me to get goats because I've had goats or should I say goats have had me...
No more goats.

I'm busy building up my soap supply again and have one batch ready and more on the shelf.
If you have a special request let me know, handmade soap is a great house warming, bridal shower and even baby shower gift.
There is nothing better than gentle handmade soap for little ones with sensitive skin.
Also, if you make your own laundry soap my plain and scented bars work wonders in the wash!

Today I'll be listing some Farmers Market.
The scent is light with bibb lettuce, basil and rosemary and no added color.

On the rack is Farm Flowers.
Scented with lilac, honeysuckle, sweet pea and lavender, it smells just like a fresh cut bouquet!
Oregon Blackberry.
Smells like a bowl full of ripe berries with a pinch of crushed blackberry leaf sprinkled in on top.

Next on the list is some mango peach, I can't wait for that one!!
How about some candles...?



  1. Uh oh. We finally moved from the city to the Beavercreek area and I have been fighting to get goats to mow this place. Am I wrong then?

    1. Well... Maybe not, my fences are not goat proof so my goats would travel hither and yon at their leisure. I also never had more than two so maybe they would have been more herd bound had I kept a plethora of goats. All I can say is, I have never seen goats live up to their hype when it comes to weed removal. If you don't believe me, go talk to my neighbors who have five acres and as many goats, and the blackberries are taking over the place. Let me know what you decide and welcome to the neighborhood!!

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Visit my Etsy page, The Fat Bottom Farm or click on the link to the right and I'll send some out to you asap!