Tuesday, September 17

Oh Baby!

The sheep stork finally came to the farm!
Belle delivered a spotted holstein cow lamb steer!

How cute is he!?

This lambing season has been such a mess, the rams and the ewes were all together because the rams were herd bound to the girls so even if I did separate them, the boys would push down stall walls and go through fences like they were incredible hulk sheep.
So, sadly, the incorrigible boys had to go.
If I'm going to incorporate any kind of breeding program, and I'm to the point where I have enough ewes now that I can, I have to have some kind of system.
It was a sad day when we said goodbye to Butch and his big brother Buck, and I still miss seeing them out in the pasture.

I'm going to use the Jacobs for breeding now.

I will put the girls in with them when it's time and then move them out when the job is done.

 And I'm still undecided rather or not to wether our new little cow sheep.

What do you think?
Should I put him out to pasture or give him a job?

Gratuitous Neighbor Photo

Fall Projects!

This is the first rug of the season.
It's a round 32 inch and weighs THREE pounds.
Super heavy duty and done in vintagey cream, blue and greens.

Here's another done in really bright fun colors...

And this is the one I'm working on now.

I love all the color!

And of course the batch of green apple soap, but I need to get with it and make some more.

Maybe that will be todays project.

Tomorrow is donkey pedicure day which is always one of our favorite days because we get to see our old neighbor Butch.
Of course the donkeys like it too.

This was last spring when the donkeys were hairy and the grass was green, but with all the rain and the weather starting to cool things will be looking like this again soon.

Ok, gotta go.


  1. What an adorable baby. I need to make some soap too, but the garden is still demanding that I can. I need to do a lot of goat hooves too. Farm work never seems to be done.

  2. That baby goat looks like a mini cow! So dang cute! Give him a JOB! LOL