Monday, September 23

Just Another Monday...

Happy Monday!

Things have been moving along at a pretty steady pace here on the farm.
Seems like there's lots to do to get ready for fall and the impending winter and today brings a trip up the ladder to clean the gutters.
Or as I refer to them lately, the water bumpers on the house.
I have a few spots where water is coming in on the roof line, but that's on the south side of the house and the gutters are fine on that side, just the north side seems to be accumulating.
The up-side to this is that the north side is the low side so I won't have to repel from the roof top, I can just open a box of wine to repel my fear of ladders as opposed to two boxes and some xanex to repel my fear of heights.
See, there's usually a bright side if you can just lie to yourself enough...

Belle and her new baby boy are happy, healthy and well.
All the other sheep are patiently waiting outside the barn trying to stick their heads through the cracks to get a look at the little sheep that looks like a cow.
Between him and the four horned Jacob sheep in the roadside ram pasture I may end up having to stand out to direct traffic.
You wouldn't believe all the people who slow down or even stop to look at our funny looking menagerie as it is, so things should really pick up when we put the cowsheep out to pasture!

I'm still in a holding pattern on the job front.
I have to find something I can do sitting as my legs and hips won't stand for anything else.
Get it?
Whatever I've done this time, combined with the arthritis and the scar tissue flaring I'm quite a sight.
I'm back on the steroids which means I sound like an old man with a crackly low sexy smokers voice, but avoiding the pain meds.
I would rather tough it out than end up in Betty Ford.

My Etsy shop is beginning to take shape so be sure to stop in and have a look.
These are the soaps I have listed right now, green apple, vanilla, juniper and Oregon rain.

My house smells good enough to take a bite out of which believe me is a welcome scent, compared to the new found fresh fall aroma of four wet dogs.

The other thing I have been tossing around my brains is a children's story.
I have it written and ready, but I'm trying to decide on a format.
It will be the first in a series, but from what I'm learning is it's very hard to get picked up by a children's publisher.
I guess that tells me that the competition is pretty tough, so I'm asking you, what do you think about eBooks for kids?
It seems like eBooks are no longer a passing fancy, and most kids can run an iPad better than they can a toothbrush, so maybe it's the way to go...
Tell me what you think.

My sister J. Carlson is on a school camping trip in the mountains this week so if you're a praying person please send up a heartfelt request that she isn't attacked by bears.
If you're not of the praying sort, just cross your fingers.

Wyatt is home from school today sneezing his smarts out and I think may be running a low fever.



  1. These posts are surely the highlight of my day! I think you are wonderific and should totally wear your keys out writing children's books and anything else your heart desires (Trailer Park Cookbook?). <3

  2. The soaps look really good. It is exceedingly difficult to actually make money as an author. It's certainly a more-than-full-time job. Good luck!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I have been floundering around trying to find your blog...I found you! I had to sneak over from your etsy....I'm not getting any brighter in my old age. Anyway how are you?