Friday, July 11

Back To School

Do you want to know what makes me mad?
This is what makes me mad.

Actually, it makes me CRAZY!

Mi hijo and I went to the big everything under one roof store in town last night because we are getting ready to enter the "Hot Zone" this week with temperatures forcasted in the high 90's low triple digits so we decided to go get ourselves a wading pool for the deck.
Do you think there was a pool to be found? 
Sunscreen, short shorts or sandals?
Nope, nope and nope.
Sweaters, scarves and school supplies!
At the risk of sounding like a middle aged woman who complains about everything, I can't even believe this bs.
Remember the days when school supplies went on sale at the end of August and you looked forward to the trip to Sears and Penneys for your clothes and the smell of your new school shoes from Thom McAn that you couldn't wait to wear?
Remember going to the drug store for your #2 pencils and Pink Pearl Erasers?
Well forget all that.
Now we schlep through the white trash warehouse in July to pick up those last minute twelve boxes of Kleenex for the classroom along with .19 cent spiral notebooks and backpacks made across the ocean by children that aren't even old enough to babysit.

I guess I need to pull myself together or I'm going to miss the blowout sale on twinkle lights and Rudolph inflatables for the front yard.

If you'll excuse me now, I have to go unpack and quickly put away our secondary less commercial labor Day and Thanksgiving holiday decor that we will be overlooking this year in favor of the more important mass market pleasing family holiday.
Black Friday.


Thursday, July 10


I'm going to the Goodwill today to buy some pretty cups and saucers for soy candles.
What's your favorite scent?

I think I'll start with a few fresh, floral fruity ones!

Wyatt makes these.

And rings that say love.

Speaking of love...
Millie hatched an egg.

Not her own egg mind you, a stolen egg.
Millie has wanted children of her own for years, but has never been able to have them, so a few weeks ago I lifted an egg from another hen and slipped it in her nest.
Millie can't have children of her own because she's not a coop chicken like the rest of them, she's a free ranger (she's too little to be a coop hen) so she's never around Red the Rooster.
So she lays duds.
Until now.
Now she has a baby of her own.


Because she's so sweet.


Wednesday, July 9

Rag Rugs and BBQ

Time to start making some rugs!
My soap is selling out faster than I can get it cured, and my batch of blackberry turned out SO ugly that I'm giving it away with any purchase of a normal bar.
The ugly blackberry really put me behind so I'll pick up the Etsy store slack with a rug or two.

This is the rug I'll start today...

I use an 11.5 hook and 1/2 inch strips that I rip in bunches as I go.
I've tried ripping and balling, but it makes it a pain to join so I just rip a few join a few.

This is the hook.

And this is the finished product...

Wendy and her Babydaddy and their kid are coming to dinner tonight.
I have a pork roast in the crock-pot for pulled pork sandwiches and I just put together a poppy seed slaw and I have a blueberry cobbler in the oven and mango-peach soap in the mold.
Between the bbq, soap scents and slaw, my kitchen smells kind of like I think heaven smells.

K I have to go.
Here is a gratuitous instagram picture of the baby and his daddy
Courtesy of @woodhunter11


Saturday, June 28

Homemade Laundry Soap

This is a repost from a few years ago, but still the best recipe (in my opinion) so for Shortcut Saturday here it is again!

Laundry Soap

4 cups of hot tap water
1 bar of Fels Naptha or approximately 5oz of homemade soap
1 cup of washing soda (not baking soda)
½ cup of Borax

Chop or grate the soap and add to saucepan filled with water. Stir over medium heat until the soap melts

Fill a five-gallon bucket half full of hot tap water.
Add melted soap, washing soda and Borax.
Stir until dissolved.

Fill the bucket to the top with hot water.
Stir, cover and let it sit overnight to thicken and settle until it reaches a gelled oogy consistency.

Transfer a usable amount to a smaller container and use 1/4 cup for front loaders and 1/2 cup for top loaders.

I think it takes two or three loads to get all the comercial crud out of my clothes and I like to use white vinegar as fabric softener.


Thursday, June 26


We're lambing!
Belle was first to go and had twins, Juanita and Hermano...

Wendy and Juanita

Then Jesse with a little ram lamb, Juan Pablo (The Bachelor)
She surprised me with a baby in the bushes, but they're both safe and sound in the barn now.

I have three more ewes I'm watching so that means endless trips to the barn all the while crossing my fingers and hoping for more twins.
The barn is to far in decline to lamb again next year, so I'm banding all the little rams.
I'll pick up some used sheep now and again just because I have so much pasture I need to keep down and don't tell me to get goats because I've had goats or should I say goats have had me...
No more goats.

I'm busy building up my soap supply again and have one batch ready and more on the shelf.
If you have a special request let me know, handmade soap is a great house warming, bridal shower and even baby shower gift.
There is nothing better than gentle handmade soap for little ones with sensitive skin.
Also, if you make your own laundry soap my plain and scented bars work wonders in the wash!

Today I'll be listing some Farmers Market.
The scent is light with bibb lettuce, basil and rosemary and no added color.

On the rack is Farm Flowers.
Scented with lilac, honeysuckle, sweet pea and lavender, it smells just like a fresh cut bouquet!
Oregon Blackberry.
Smells like a bowl full of ripe berries with a pinch of crushed blackberry leaf sprinkled in on top.

Next on the list is some mango peach, I can't wait for that one!!
How about some candles...?


Monday, June 23

Not That Fat Bottom Farm

On Saturday the blog got over three thousand hits and my Etsy store almost completely sold out.
I couldn't understand what the big sudden draw was especially since I didn't even have a new post that day.
It didn't take long to figure out that Dirty Jobs had re-aired their visit to The Fat Bottom Farm in Texas.
The Texas Fat Bottoms have goats, lot's of goats and they make goats milk soap and other goat products.
I would post a link to their farm as I usually try to do whenever we are mistaken for one another, but sadly there is nowhere to link to.

If you have been with the blog since I started it, you will remember that it was originally The Trailerparks Farm

But then Mr Parks was exiled.

And I didn't want the farm to carry his name.

So, the farm and garden portion of the farm was renamed The Fat Bottom Farm.
For two reasons.

1. the size of my ass. 
2. The size of my asses asses.


I also happen to have a big ass pig and a big ass dog

Pooter is our thirty-two pound Shih-Tzu.
He's the one on the left, and Pearl is probably twice that size now.

Anyway, I couldn't very well call the farm the fat ass farm because that's just, well, you know, not too classy.
So after much research and name availability I decided on... 
The Fat Bottom Farm.

And that's when it happened.
Dirty Jobs promo'd the Texas Fat Bottom Farm.

So, just to be clear, we are not the famous Fat Bottom goat farm, we are the not famous Fat Bottom dysfunctional, sheep, donkey, geese, chicken, peacock, pig and dog farm

BTW, I went with blackberry when I made my soap and it should be ready to cut later today.
Smells deelish and is made with homemade blackberries.